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9 Reasons You Need To Buy The Entertainer In Kuwait 4

One of my most favorite apps of all time is the Entertainer. A simple concept,   you purchase an app (previously a book) that lets you use Buy One Get One Free offers for certain businesses around town. One standard offer, no frills. The majority of outlets are for food, […]

Dikakeen Breakfast

Previously relegated to a sleepy meal eaten without much interest, breakfast now seems to be the new dining out trend in Kuwait. Lots of restaurants are introducing breakfast menus, ranging from simple eggs and pancakes, to over the top crazy concoctions that leave you in a food coma for the […]

Arbys Is Back!

Apparently Arby’s had quite a loyal base of customers back in the day because there are few restaurant openings social media has been as excited about as Arbys reunion with Kuwait. The famous roast beef was remembered fondly and there seemed to be a lot of other delicious looking options […]

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Molten Me

Molten Me is a dessert cafe specializing in everybody’s favorite, the molten cake. The place created quite a name for itself in Dubai as a highly rated spot to get gooey, decadent molten cakes, and has recently opened up two branches in Kuwait. There is one in Tijaria Tower in […]

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Signor Sassi

A famous Italian fine dining concept from the UK, rumor has it that Signor Sassi was apparently brought here by a Kuwaiti who enjoyed the food so much in London, he decided to ship the concept right here to Kuwait. It has a gorgeous location on Gulf Road overlooking the […]

Figs By Todd English

If I had to sum up the Figs concept in one phrase, it would be ‘American style Italian’ fare. Or maybe Italian style American fare? While the focus of the menu is on pizzas and pastas, there is a generous sprinkling of decidedly American dishes on the menu. There are […]