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casa fiesta taco dinne review nomsville
Americanized Mexican food (aka tex-mex) is a crowd pleaser. Also, if you ignore the generous dollops of cheese usually involved, it’s a very balanced (and kinda healthy) meal option, covering meats, veggies & beans. There’s something in it for everybody. And if you have picky eaters in your family, like […]

How To Be a Texmex Ninja & Make Tacos in ...

Cake mix review nomsville
There is a boxed cake mix out there, that isn’t like any other cake mix. It is a revelation of the scrape-all-the-batter-from-every-utensil kind. And it had been sitting there unassumingly in our pantry for about a month, while we went about our lives as if this little miracle was not […]

Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Royale: The Cake Mix You NEED ...

green chickpea humus recipe
We love Arabic Food. And that love extends to the chickpea too, a legume used frequently in Arabic cuisine. So when we discovered the chickpea’s awesome but underrated sibling, the fresh green chickpea, it was gastronomical love at first bite (read more about it here). And we were curious. How […]

Fresh Green Chickpea Hummus

green chickpea hummus nomsville 2
Move over, regular chickpea. You’ve had your day. With the hummus obsession that used to exist only in the Middle East having gone global, the chickpea has enjoyed a lot of fame and popularity. But, its underrated sibling, the green chickpea, is now finally getting the recognition it deserves. This […]

Ode To The Green Chickpea

In terms of food choices in our Nomsville family, we’re very lucky. We’ve got the surf & turf meat lovers, the cheese afficionados, the healthy food obsessors, and the almost-vegetarians. And all of them love Arabic food, which is perfect because we also love cooking Arabic food. It is also […]

Falafel Wrap with Olive & Chili Tahini