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There is something about Dubai Mall and weird, wonderful chocolate ideas that just seems to pull us in like a magnet. We don’t ask for it, it slowly creeps in on us until, before we know it, it’s staring us right in the face. It happened not too long ago […]

Monopoly: Chocolate Edition

shan butter chicken mix
Review Of Shan Butter Chicken Mix Meet Sanjeev Kapoor. He is the most recognizable name in Indian food circles. Meet Shan, he is the most recognizable name in Pakistani homes. They both have a very different, yet surprisingly similar job. To make cooking easier for the average person. By themselves, […]

Butter Chicken For Beginners

barakat chefs fruit and veg 2
Disclaimer: this post isn’t about the healthiest of foods, like carrot sticks and kale chips. It is about compromise, and finding healthier alternatives to fried fatty foods that our hunger pangs seem to magnetically pull us towards Haven’t we all heard this very sound bit of advice? Never go grocery […]

Grocery Shopping On An Empty Stomach? Healthier Snacks You Should ...