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mason jar boba 5
You know how they say ‘Aim for the sky, if you fail at least you will fall among the stars‘? Don’t listen to that fluff advice… we did, and we fell absolutely flat on our faces. Or more accurately, into the powdery clumpy mess that could not be called bubble […]

The One Where We Thought We Could Make Bubble Tea

farmers market veggies 5
There is a popular hashtag doing the rounds of social media in this country. #UAEHealthMovement is proof that this country’s community is witnessing a proud shift in it’s eating habits. For every fast food chain that is opening up, a locally sourced sandwich bar opens it’s doors right beside it. […]

Where To Buy Local Organic Produce Now That The Farmers’ ...

nandos extra extra hot
For most people, the first name that comes to mind when thinking about Portugese cuisine is Nandos. Their signature peri-peri chicken with the famous flavor scale is a mass favorite. And, in a brave initiative by the brand, they have made all the sauces and marinades that they use in the […]

Skip The Ol’ Peri Peri & Try These Nandos Sauces ...