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When in Dubai, one doesn’t really have to make much effort to find the big, bold and the crazy. After all, this is what the city is famous for, and it always makes good on its reputation. Our regular news headlines are the stuff of satirical dreams elsewhere.

To give you some idea, there is currently a mini Venice in the works smack in the MIDDLE of a residential zone. A man-made party island a la Ibiza has just been approved, and there is a guy selling Oman Chips & Nutella Cheese pastries in a little shack in the middle of the desert.

In the face of things like that, is finding an edible photo frame store tasty image dubaireally that surprising?

Which is why, the store selling this curious creation is hidden away deep in the back alleys of the Dubai Mall. Sandwiched between collectible stores and overshadowed by bright Froyo parlors, this place is so obscure that even the customer service reps of the mall don’t know about it. After much digging, we finally found ONE picture of it on the Dubai Mall website, to convince ourselves we hadn’t dreamt it up in a state of mid-shopping exhaustion.

Tasty Image was founded in 2003, by a school teacher and single mom, living in California. Today, Tasty Image has franchises across the US, and it’s second major market is the Middle East. Recently opened in Dubai Mall, the team here customizes not only edible photo frames, but can print logos, pictures and text on various other edible chocolate designs. Their chocolates are of good quality.

So if you’ve got chocoholics in your life, you know what to get them for their birthday. Or if you’re the chocoholic, just drop your friends some not-so-subtle hints.. and maybe take them for a walk around this little back alley.

A visit to Tasty Image is also a good idea if you’ve got a corporate event coming up; print your logo on individual chocolates as a way to stand out among the sea of corporate branded pens & key chains.

chocolate frame

The really neat aspect of this store is that they do the printing right there in a few minutes while you wait, so it is also perfect as a last-minute-but-looks-well-thought-out gift.

Locations: In the alley between Kidzania and Reel Cinemas, a couple of shops after the Frozen Yogurt Factory, The Dubai Mall. 

This store definitely piqued our curiosity, we’d like to know what you think. Would you try this? Or have you already tried it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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