What Is Nomsville?

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There was once a teenager, who apart from doing all things teenage like rebelling against the norm, listening to punk music (it was the 90’s) and being generally angsty, had a weird not-very-teen-like hobby. She liked hanging out at the supermarket. She hadn’t bothered herself much with cooking, but loved looking through all the foodstuff. There was just so much possibility. There were new things to be found everyday.

And then, as life would have it, this grocery aisle wanderer ended up in the FMCG (or supermarket goods) industry. Wandering the aisles was now her profession. Dream job if there ever was one.

Not only did she love her job, she was now exposed to the insider’s perspective on grocery shopping. And she realized how much regular shoppers did not know about shopping. Just like the big names dominate the food chains in the world, so the big names dominated the shelves. But there was a treasure trove of good food to be found, if one only looked into the nooks and crannies of the shelves. Of course, having an objective opinion on supermarket products is simply unacceptable in this highly competitive industry (being seen with a rival brand in the office was sacrilege). So she couldn’t publicly express her true opinion.

Now, as an ex-supermarket industry professional having no obligation towards any brand or campaign, she would like to share her experiences, industry secrets and opinions with others, so that grocery shopping is not a chore or errand, but a trip of discovery and delights. Also, keeping in mind that not everyone might be familiar with the uses of certain products, she will try wherever possible to provide simple and delicious recipes using the products (she finally discovered her love for cooking!). With her is her little cult of grocery aisle wanderers, who help her explore, test and experiment with new brands and products.

All recipes provided here have a list of brands used to create them, posted at the end of the recipe. This is not sponsored in any way (unless otherwise stated), it is purely personal preference, in case the reader is not familiar with a product and unsure of which brand to use.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope your stay is informative, enjoyable and makes your next supermarket journey one of discovery and delight!

Update: she has just moved to Kuwait and is now exploring the culinary scene in the country, as chronicled under the Kuwait Reviews section of the blog.