Arbys Is Back!

Apparently Arby’s had quite a loyal base of customers back in the day because there are few restaurant openings social media has been as excited about as Arbys reunion with Kuwait. The famous roast beef was remembered fondly and there seemed to be a lot of other delicious looking options on their menu. And so after two days of convincing hubby we needed to check it out (Wendy’s didn’t turn out that well so it took a bit more effort this time round), we headed over to Jabriya.

The place itself is right ahead of  IHop and Shake Shack. It is quite small, with about four tables. Parking is accordingly limited. It was quite busy when we went but we were lucky enough to grab a spot since most people seemed to be getting takeaways.

Now Arby’s is known for their super flavorful Roast Beef n’ Cheddar and I walked in fully intending to order it. But one look at the menu and the Three Cheese Angus Steak was right there, staring back at me in all its meaty glory. So I gave in and ordered that with a Roast Beef slider on the side (still needed to try that right?). Hubby went for the Philly Angus Steak with a chocolate milkshake, and we got some loaded curly fries to share.

I am so glad I went with my gluttoney instincts, because that burger was just so so jam packed with flavor. The beef was excellent, every type of cheese added it’s own zing, and a delicious creamy sauce tied everything together. Hubby’s Philly Steak on the other hand was a little dry, and was begging for more sauce. Good thing they have taps for about 5 house sauces, including honey mustard, some sort of spicy sauce, horseradish sauce. an Arby’s sauce that tasted like tangier ketchup, and of course ketchup.

I felt the Roast Beef slider was a bit on the smaller side, even for a slider, and had very little roast beef inside a very tall bun. Also, the cheese here was a slice of swiss instead of their famous cheddar. That being said, the beef itself was very tasty and the bun was pillowy and soft. That gives me hope for the full size one I am ordering next time I’m there. The loaded curly fries were also faultless – crispy fries, lots of cheese and sauce, with a generous sprinkling of bacon bits on top. The chocolate milkshake tasted how it should, no complaints from hubby there.

I am definitely heading back soon to try the rest of the menu (or when that Angus craving strikes, which I see happening a lot). You should too, you won’t regret it.

Update: just tried the roast beef n’ cheddar, and I have to say I wasn’t impressed. The cheese sauce lacked flavor and there was ketchup in there too! There is no place for ketchup in a roast beef and cheddar sandwich. It seems like their three cheese angus is the safest bet for now.


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