Two Minute Healthy Banana Sandwich

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How frustrating is it when you’re trying to add healthier snacks to your diet, but your kids insist on that bag of chips? Especially in the winter, when all you feel like doing is curling up in bed and snacking all day.. the calories add up real quick. In just such a moment of realization and frustration, we decided to get rid of all the unhealthy snacking options around… and regretted it a day later.

Walking around the kitchen in a cold, hungry stupor, the only thing we found was a bunch of bananas on the table. Now we think bananas are awesome, but try telling that to a 10 year old who’s just been robbed of their Pringles can. We stared hard at the bananas for a couple seconds, willing them to turn into brownies, which is when this super easy & awesome idea came to our head, and it goes something like this..

Cut a banana in half and slice across its length. Spread one side with 1 tbsp of nutella and the other with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and fold together. Drizzle with some chocolate sauce. Add a sprinkling of crushed almonds or coconut flakes if you like. And devour. One medium sized banana sandwich packs in about 250 calories and a whole bunch of healthy energy. Almost the same as a standard 40g bag of Lay’s chips, minus the health benefits. 

We promise you won’t look back. Just be ready to stock up on a lot of bananas because your kids are going to be obsessed.


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