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Ask anyone who has spent their childhood in Dubai about the ‘Oman Chips Sandwich’ and their face will light up, in the way that only a childhood memory can. Dubai kids have spent years looking for and mapping out those select cafeterias that sell it, and quite often it’s not […]

The Humble Oman Chips Sandwich Gets A Makeover (And How ...

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There is a popular hashtag doing the rounds of social media in this country. #UAEHealthMovement is proof that this country’s community is witnessing a proud shift in it’s eating habits. For every fast food chain that is opening up, a locally sourced sandwich bar opens it’s doors right beside it. […]

Where To Buy Local Organic Produce Now That The Farmers’ ...

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Disclaimer: this post isn’t about the healthiest of foods, like carrot sticks and kale chips. It is about compromise, and finding healthier alternatives to fried fatty foods that our hunger pangs seem to magnetically pull us towards Haven’t we all heard this very sound bit of advice? Never go grocery […]

Grocery Shopping On An Empty Stomach? Healthier Snacks You Should ...

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When in Dubai, one doesn’t really have to make much effort to find the big, bold and the crazy. After all, this is what the city is famous for, and it always makes good on its reputation. Our regular news headlines are the stuff of satirical dreams elsewhere. To give […]

A Photo Frame You Can Eat? Habibi, This Is Dubai