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FINALLY. It is about time. After years of boring new flavor launches from the potato chip industry, I had begun to think that their R&D departments had just given up and all we were ever going to get were random, and sometimes just plain weird, combinations of existing flavors. Like […]

Finally A Potato Chip Flavor Worth Talking About

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A Review Of Felicia Bio Gluten-Free Pasta Despite being a family of Pastivores, we have surprisingly limited ourself thus far to the glutennous kind. We’ve tried brands and flavors and toppings and things, but we’ve just never been tempted to try gluten-free pasta. It just felt like, if there isn’t […]

What Gluten-Free Pasta Actually Tastes Like

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Not all promotions were created equal. Like all things, they go through good times and bad times. In older times, when the world didn’t seem as densely populated as it is now, mega raffles and draws caused much excitement. Now, try convincing a person of this decade, with our 10 […]

Nestle Ramadan Offers & The Power Of A Good Promotion

There is something about Dubai Mall and weird, wonderful chocolate ideas that just seems to pull us in like a magnet. We don’t ask for it, it slowly creeps in on us until, before we know it, it’s staring us right in the face. It happened not too long ago […]

Monopoly: Chocolate Edition

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Disclaimer: this post isn’t about the healthiest of foods, like carrot sticks and kale chips. It is about compromise, and finding healthier alternatives to fried fatty foods that our hunger pangs seem to magnetically pull us towards Haven’t we all heard this very sound bit of advice? Never go grocery […]

Grocery Shopping On An Empty Stomach? Healthier Snacks You Should ...

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The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is the Robert Downey Jr. of the snacking aisle. Or Salman Khan, if you’re Indian/Emirati. The one that’s bad for you but oh-so-good. The unhealthy obsession. The controversial, yet undeniably popular. It is the life of every road trip and big game, the post-breakup pick me […]

Celebrity Makeover: Mexican Flamin’ Hot Cheetos