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There is a boxed cake mix out there, that isn’t like any other cake mix. It is a revelation of the scrape-all-the-batter-from-every-utensil kind. And it had been sitting there unassumingly in our pantry for about a month, while we went about our lives as if this little miracle was not […]

Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Royale: The Cake Mix You NEED ...

If you’ve been following our posts, you might have noticed how much we love cheese. And the lure of a new product on the shelf is one of our biggest weaknesses, especially with a brand we’ve had a positive experience with in the past. So when we saw that Mozzarella […]

New: Aviko Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

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Aviko Frozen Snacks For a secretly lazy cook (or a terrible one), there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the frozen foods aisle in the supermarket. It’s a chance to fool your family, dinner guests and your digestive system (when you’re cooking for one) into thinking you can cook edible, and […]

New: Aviko frozen snacks