Figs By Todd English

If I had to sum up the Figs concept in one phrase, it would be ‘American style Italian’ fare. Or maybe Italian style American fare? While the focus of the menu is on pizzas and pastas, there is a generous sprinkling of decidedly American dishes on the menu. There are unique and interesting flavor combinations. There are burgers, lots of fried appetizers and of course, like most restaurant concepts emerging from the US, there is lots of cheese. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing. Cheesy, fried foods are always welcome in Kuwait.

There are currently only two Figs locations outside of the U.S. and both of them are in Kuwait. There is an open plan layout and a smallish space in 360 Mall. The other, a more recent addition, is a spacious and more secluded space in the heart of the Grand Avenues at the Avenues Mall. Having been to both, each has it’s own appeal. The 360 Mall location is good for a casual meal, whereas the Avenues is better for a more intimate setting or for larger groups. Service is good at both locations (including small gestures such as free dessert on Eid).

On to the food, the menu has a good variety of options, and most people will likely find something they like. For appetizers we ordered Cheesy Fries and Todd’s Buffalo Dip. The fries were good but pretty standard. The buffalo dip however, was incredible. Juicy, cheesy and packed full of flavor.

For mains, we have tried different dishes on different occasions. Their creamy, umami-filled Wild Mushroom Risotto is a favorite. The Caesar Chicken Pizza is pretty good, with the familiar flavors of a good caesar salad. The Chicken Marsala was a juicy piece of chicken on top of mashed potatoes and a flavorful marsala sauce. The Marinated Tenderloin was a good, juicy steak, but what really elevated the dish was the extra wild mushroom sauce. It was just ridiculously addictive. Basically, just order wild mushroom anything off the menu and you’re good. The seafood platter (which, unsurprisingly, I don’t see on their online menu anymore) was forgettable, and half of the seafood wasn’t even available when we ordered it.

When we were there during Eid, our group was offered two different complimentary desserts. There was a stunning Chocolate Tart, which wasn’t only a work of art, but tasted brilliant too. Not your average tart, this one had a thick, delicious chocolate hazelnut ribbon across it, some crumbly cookie for texture, and some rasberry caviar for that wow factor. The other dessert was a cleverly presented version of an ice cream cone, with three scoops of gelato surrounded by crushed cone pieces. The gelato was smooth and light, and both desserts were an ideal end to a good experience overall.

The quantities are on the smaller side, but the prices are pretty much equivalent to most quality restaurants in Kuwait. Definitely a good place to go if you’re at the mall and looking for a good meal that will please everyone.

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