Finally A Potato Chip Flavor Worth Talking About

FINALLY. It is about time. After years of boring new flavor launches from the potato chip industry, I had begun to think that their R&D departments had just given up and all we were ever going to get were random, and sometimes just plain weird, combinations of existing flavors. Like Cheesy Ketchup. Or Habanero BBQ.

Bu then I discovered this beauty at the grocery store last weekend. A beautiful Lebanese blend of Zaatar and Labneh. Now, despite my frustration with the industry, I am a hopeless potato chip (and pretty much every savory snack) addict. So I wander through the aisle hoping for new products to prey on. And on this occasion my wandering was rewarded.

lays forno lebanese blend zaatar

You understand my excitement right? If you live in the Middle East and don’t like Zaatar, then I’m sorry but your taste buds are dysfunctional. And of course, Labneh is always a welcome burst of flavor (or fake labneh seasoning in this case). I bought the packet and for two days, I waited for the right opportunity (the point at which you are hungry enough for a snack but not enough for a full meal). And I have to say that the wait was worth it.

For once, the zaatar was generously incorporated into the chip batter, so there was enough flavor in every bite, unlike some potato chips where half the chip is bland and the other half has all the good stuff merely sprinkled on top. And there was a welcome tang from the labneh seasoning to go along with it. The best part? This flavor was part of the Lays Forno range, which are actually baked potato chips. So you get to feel slightly better about your terrible snack choices.

They also have an Italian blend as part of their new Forno flavors, but I am a bit wary about that. It better not taste like the usual Pizza flavor. Will keep you posted but in the meantime, you need to go out and get yourself some Lebanese Lays!

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