Ingredient: salt

black bean salsa
We love black beans. They’re very well suited to our lazy style of cooking. And, contrary to popular opinion, they don’t require half as much effort as people think. You don’t need to pre-soak them. In fact, according to the highly scientific The Food Lab, you shouldn’t soak them. And […]

Easy Black Bean Salsa

green chickpea humus recipe
We love Arabic Food. And that love extends to the chickpea too, a legume used frequently in Arabic cuisine. So when we discovered the chickpea’s awesome but underrated sibling, the fresh green chickpea, it was gastronomical love at first bite (read more about it here). And we were curious. How […]

Fresh Green Chickpea Hummus

marinana sauce nomsville
Sometimes, the best recipes that come out of your kitchen are the ones that you make in a rush. You toss, saute, drizzle, blend, and hope that the end result won’t be a complete disaster. That first taste is your moment of truth. And sometimes, those moments turn into culinary […]

Easy 3 Step Marinara Sauce

tahini tahina dip dressing nomsville
Our mother always said, “Honey, make the tahini you want to see in your shawarma”. Not inspired at all by Gandhi; our mother is creative and inspirational like that. Taking her advice to heart, we set about trying to create a recipe that will turn out perfect & delicious, every […]

The Best & Easiest Tahini Dressing