Kitchen Bloopers


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When you look at food pictures and recipes online, it seems like all these wonderful cooks and bakers can do no wrong. It can be very intimidating, and a lot of the time, our recipes and meals don’t end up looking as pretty, or tasting as ‘delish’ or ‘yum’ as everyone else’s.

What we don’t realise however, is that food bloggers are humans too (yes really). They too make mistakes. Their food doesn’t always look pretty. Or taste perfect. Their recipes are created from several trial and error experiences. And most good bloggers will only put forward a perfected recipe, so that their readers learn from their experience.

But sometimes, we need a little more. We need someone to share our pain. Not only the good times, but the bad ones too. Like when our fluffy bread refuses to rise. Or when our creamy buttercream turns crumbly grosscream. Or when our perfect round meatballs decide to rebel and break into a misshapen mess. It is times like these when we look for solidarity with other foodies around the world who share our kitchen woes.

Which is why we have decided to introduce a new section on our site. With Kitchen Bloopers, we aim to share our (and your) kitchen follies. Laugh with us at the mess we sometimes end up creating. Cry with us as our hours of meticulous baking blows up in our oven. Mourn with us the beautiful meat that we botched up. And share with us your woes too. Drop us an email if you would like to guest blog your sadness and vent (it’s better than throwing your overly sticky dough at the wall).

Misery loves company, and we would love yours 🙂