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valentines day skittles

Valentines’ Day is probably one of the most controversial days of the year.

Die hard romantics live (and plan 6 months ahead) for it, and its detractors start their Hallmark hating soon as February rolls around. Couples face intense pressure over planning the perfect gift and date, and single people are faced with awkward questions and not-so-subtle hints.

Restaurants and blogs too face this pressure to stay relevant and have Valentines themed menus, recipes & posts. It is the day of love after all, and no one said love was easy.

But it can be made easier. All you need to do is embrace the spirit of this holiday, go all out and make everything heart shaped and pink and red and white and full of your favorite calories. Be cheesy this Valentines day. Have fun with it, instead of being pressured. If you’re part of a couple, make your SO a heart shaped breakfast in bed. If you’re single, call your friends & family over and make heart shaped cookies and burgers to celebrate your love for those close to you and sing cheesy karaoke songs.

But this post is not about Valentines Day advice (even though it’s starting to sound like it..). Neither will you find pastel perfect recipes. What you will find though, are some simple tools to help you have some Valentines fun in the kitchen and embrace the cheesiness.

P.S. Pretending to ignore the horrendous photography going on here would be much appreciated.

5. Little lunchboxes illustrated with cheesy food puns

vday lunchbox

Use this to serve your SO with their favorite food, pack it in your kids lunch bag for a fun v’day surprise, or send some food love (nothing says I love you like cookies and puns) to your friends or family.

Where to find: Paperchase outlets across the UAE. They are located in most of the major malls and inside Borders bookshops.

4. Fancy Dessert & Appetizer Rings

dessert rings

We love love love this. These Rings are so brilliant. Transform your regular food and desserts into fancy looking ones, by just layering them inside these rings, releasing from the bottom into a pretty plate, and voila! Fine dining in the cozy comfort of your home.

Where to find: Brands For Less stores across the UAE. Availability can be a little inconsistent, so you can always call ahead and check with the branches closest to you. We found this at Mirdif City Centre but have spotted them in Deira and Satwa too.

3. Heart Shaped Waffle Moulds

waffle mould

Technically, these are traditional waffle moulds. But, in case you’re not aware, the new food trend is to waffle EVERYTHING. Potatoes, brownies, sandwiches… and these are just the less outrageous things that can be waffled. Our recommendation? Buy this waffle mould, go to and go crazy.

Where to find: Brands For Less stores across the UAE. See above for availability issues.

2. Heart & Flower Shaped Fried Egg Moulds

egg mould

Perfect for that breakfast in bed you were planning. Or, just like with the waffles, why limit yourself to eggs? Make pancakes, crepes, the whole cheesy nine yards. If making with family and friends, make a bouquet of egg flowers on a giant tray and take pictures of your food art. Or make yourself a heart shaped homemade burger and treat yo’self because no one deserves your calorific love more than you!

Where to find: Brands For Less stores across the UAE. See above.

1. Not Your Average Heart Shaped Cake Mould 

cake mould

So, you know how with heart shaped cake moulds, once you cut the cake into pieces, it just ends up looking like disfigured regular cake? Well, this simple yet brilliant cake mould is designed in a way that every slice you cut will form its own gorgeous heart shaped slice. How genius (and photo friendly) is that?

Where to find: Paperchase stores across the UAE. Located in most of the major malls, and inside Borders bookshops.

These tools are simple, easy to use, and won’t break the bank, unlike most other Valentines’ related things. If you liked any of these and it helped you out, we’d love to hear about it.

Happy Valentines Day and we hope yours is filled with lots of food and cheesy fun!

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Tools To Help You Create Adorably Cheesy Valentines’ Themed Food

  • Nancy

    I’m not as fussed this year to make an effort for V-Day but love your round-up regardless! Tchibo has some of the coolest kitchen tools (and very reasonably priced too!).

    • nomsville Post author

      Thank you! Not being fussed is good, people sometimes make too much of a deal and stress about it. We like ours low-key and cheesy 😛 can you tell by the post?

      And yeah tchibo is awesome! Those Germans are good at everything.