Monopoly: Chocolate Edition 2

There is something about Dubai Mall and weird, wonderful chocolate ideas that just seems to pull us in like a magnet. We don’t ask for it, it slowly creeps in on us until, before we know it, it’s staring us right in the face. It happened not too long ago with edible chocolate photo frames. And the latest in these crazy chocolate concoctions that seem to have adopted Dubai Mall as their breeding ground (to be fair, there is a lot of ground available) is…

A chocolate edition of Monopoly. A chocolate edition of Twister. AND a version of UNO made of… you guessed it.

IMG_20150413_095329twister chocolate edition


Were we looking for something like this while innocuously buying some fresh candy from the Spun folks atΒ spun candyspun candyCandylicious? No. Did their little sweet and sour bits of sugar make us secretly channel our inner Willy Wonka and hope for some crazy new discovery? Maybe. Was our curiosity rewarded? Absolutely.

Excited, we examined the box closely. Took a quick picture before the staff could notice (taking picture isn’t allowed inside Candylicious, a rule blatantly ignored by pretty much everybody. Who makes these rules in the age of social media, anyway?).

Apparently, the rules of the chocolate Monopoly game are quite different from the regular ones. You can only play it one time, unless you can resist eating the chocolate. Basically, you buy it for the novelty factor, you and your friends ooh and aaah over it, you play a game while your mind is really set on that $400 Boardwalk chocolate. You then congratulate the winner, who gets to eat the most chocolate. While you make do with your flimsy little properties and luck.

In terms of chocolate quality, while we haven’t tried it, other reviewers find the quality of the chocolate about average. Like any other regular store bought chocolate. So if you’re buying it expecting a high quality premium taste, you can give it a pass. But if you’re looking for some surprised faces and good family fun, we say go for it.

Still need convincing? Watch this.

Location: Inside Candylicious, opposite the Aquarium, Ground Floor, Dubai Mall.


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