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Not all promotions were created equal. Like all things, they go through good times and bad times. In older times, when the world didn’t seem as densely populated as it is now, mega raffles and draws caused much excitement. Now, try convincing a person of this decade, with our 10 second and 140 character attention spans, to wait an entire month for a prize that may or may not come. Good luck selling your product, if that’s your plan.

According to Nielsen, the top two promotions that work best on our generation of instant gratification, are discounts and freebies. These offers and promotions can sometimes make or break a certain category of products. A good promotion helps introduce new products to us that we might never have picked up otherwise, comfortable with our trusted brands. And because the UAE market is one of the most educated and discerning in the world (yes, it has been proven by the powers that research, let’s all take a moment to feel good about ourselves), the freebies are not just any ol’ gift pack. They’re pretty, useful and of a high quality. Or at least they have to be, if they plan on being successful. UAE shoppers are some of the most experiential, which means we don’t just buy a product, we look for the full experience. From beautiful packaging to quality products and a way to interact with our brands online, brands need to pull out all tht stops if they want to win a space in our shopping cart.

And Nestle, in this Ramadan & holiday period particularly, has been the undisputed leader in attracting our fickle attention. Partnering with local designers, coming up with catchphrases that don’t make us cringe and providing useful gifts along with discounted packs, they have successfully cracked the instagram generation’s code.

Since we have fallen victim to pretty much all of it, here are some top promotions of theirs that we have monitored, watching the stocks fly off the shelves. And which ones we think you should go for.

I Wake Up For…

nescafe i wake up

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A viral digital campaign and a mobile app have made this promotion a massive success. People who look like they’d wrinkle their noses at the thought of instant coffee, were buying boxes of these promo packs with their favorite inspirational message. ‘What do you wake up for?’ was a tagline that we could relate to. It was a simple, thoughtful question that went beautifully with a coffee product. And the answers were all things that would resonate with us. Innovation. Fun. Family. Love. Success. We wanted the world to know our thoughts & choices because we love oversharing. And this mug (and the digital campaign that followed) gave us a means to express ourselves. And gave Nestle a viral boost for their Red Mug coffee.

To Buy Or Not To Buy? We didn’t buy this pack because no matter how cool the mug is, the coffee just isn’t worth it. The taste is too mild for our mornings. It does work well for desserts that call for instant coffee, but that wasn’t a good enough reason for us. And this was our only sound choice of the season.

Habibi & Habibti

Hopeless would be a mild way to describe how badly we fell for this campaign for their Arabiana Instant Arabic Coffee. And it’s not just us, when we posted this promotion on Instagram, a few days after it had been live, it still generated a lot of excitement. Most supermarkets are either running low, or have already sold their entire stock of these cute little Gahwa cups that were brilliantly designed by a local designer. We’re not even fans of Gahwa, but A HABIBTI WITH SHADES? We’d have paid that much money just for those cups alone.

To Buy Or Not To Buy? That’s not even a question. Go find these before they run out and you are left in regret as they flood your Instagram & Pinterest feeds for months to come. For those who enjoy Arabic Coffee, they will enjoy the flavor. In fact, it is slightly milder than traditional Gahwa, so if you can’t handle that, this might be more up your alley. Be warned though, that the cardamom flavor is quite strong, although this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Arab tastebuds and those that enjoy the cuisine.

Also, we are now using them as mini dessert cups, and we’d just like to say #sorrynotsorry.nestle arabiana promotion

Sweet Talk Dessert Decorating Tools

‘Nestle Sweet Talk’ is another successful campaign that is currently nestle sweet talk dessert being run on their condensed milk cans. There are three kinds of gifts available: a packet of Ramadan themed stencils, a decorating pen, and a cube of various cookie cutters. It is also supported by an (incredibly bugged) app and a (terribly mismanaged) competition on Facebook. But, the fact that they have tried to create an integrated campaign is paying off. Participants from all over the Gulf are taking part in their contest, and promotion packs are being actively sought after.

And since we are no brand loyalists, our fickle loyalties took all of 3 seconds to be disregarded as we switched up from our regular Rainbow Condensed Milk (a good product) to the one from Nestle. We bought the stencils and the pen (pictured above with Mr. & Mrs. Habibi).

To Buy Or Not To Buy? Both the products that we bought work great and are of a good quality. The condensed milk is as good as any we’ve tried. They have the promotion running throughout Ramadan so we’d encourage you to check it out, if nothing else, at least for the Ramadan stencils. It is so useful.chocolate pine nuts nestle condensed milk

Now you know our weakness for cute freebies, tell us, would you pick up these shiny pretty things like we did? What are some of your favorite offers of the season? We’d love to know what you think about these and other promotions. Share your thoughts by voting and find out how others voted!

And as always share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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