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Four Versatile Nut Butters For The Sweet & Savory Palate

Gone are the days when the only thing Betty Botter had to worry about was bitter butter. Now, she’s got a lot more questions for herself. Should I buy regular or shell out some more and go organic? Does my butter have too many preservatives? And if ‘I can’t believe […]

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Finally A Potato Chip Flavor Worth Talking About

FINALLY. It is about time. After years of boring new flavor launches from the potato chip industry, I had begun to think that their R&D departments had just given up and all we were ever going to get were random, and sometimes just plain weird, combinations of existing flavors. Like […]

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What Gluten-Free Pasta Actually Tastes Like

A Review Of Felicia Bio Gluten-Free Pasta Despite being a family of Pastivores, we have surprisingly limited ourself thus far to the glutennous kind. We’ve tried brands and flavors and toppings and things, but we’ve just never been tempted to try gluten-free pasta. It just felt like, if there isn’t […]

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Five Things I’ve Learnt About Food Blogging In The UAE 14

Time just gets more and more ridiculous as the years go by. Are we really in DECEMBER of 2015? I still don’t feel completely comfortable with 2015 yet, I’m not ready for 2016. It seems like that far off year where a lot of distant events were supposed to happen. […]