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The One Where We Thought We Could Make Bubble Tea 5

You know how they say ‘Aim for the sky, if you fail at least you will fall among the stars‘? Don’t listen to that fluff advice… we did, and we fell absolutely flat on our faces. Or more accurately, into the powdery clumpy mess that could not be called bubble […]

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Skip The Ol’ Peri Peri & Try These Nandos Sauces Instead

For most people, the first name that comes to mind when thinking about Portugese cuisine is Nandos. Their signature peri-peri chicken with the famous flavor scale is a mass favorite. And, in a brave initiative by the brand, they have made all the sauces and marinades that they use in the […]

Monopoly: Chocolate Edition 2

There is something about Dubai Mall and weird, wonderful chocolate ideas that just seems to pull us in like a magnet. We don’t ask for it, it slowly creeps in on us until, before we know it, it’s staring us right in the face. It happened not too long ago […]

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Butter Chicken For Beginners

Review Of Shan Butter Chicken Mix Meet Sanjeev Kapoor. He is the most recognizable name in Indian food circles. Meet Shan, he is the most recognizable name in Pakistani homes. They both have a very different, yet surprisingly similar job. To make cooking easier for the average person. By themselves, […]