Pre-made Croissant Dough From The Country That Actually Invented it (And No, It’s Not France) 2

wewalka croissantIt’s funny, and a little curious, how the credit for almost all interesting forms of bread goes to the French. In fact, they are mysteriously associated with a lot of good things, from certain ways of showing affection, to the decidedly American potato fries; with bread however, they seem to have a bit of a monopoly.

Take for example the French Toast. Can we confidently trace it back to the French? Nope. It’s supposed to have originated from somewhere in Europe, with Rome having the best claim. Other countries have tried to claim ownership (it is known as German Toast in Germany and Spanish Toast in Spain, go figure) but somehow, like everything else, the French have managed to stamp absolute authority over it for absolutely no good reason.

The same goes for croissantsA while ago, we picked up a brand of pre-made croissant dough that was from an Austrian brand, loved it, and decided to tell you guys about this not-French brand that makes croissant dough the French would be proud of. Thankfully, we decided to do some fact-checking and as it turns out, EVEN CROISSANTS were NOT invented by the French! It was the Austrians! I don’t know about you, but it left me feeling quite incredulous. Why are we led to believe that all good things are French? What foodspiracy is this! Is it because everything French immediately seems more romantic? Sophisticated? I understand if romanticizing is needed to sell stale bread dipped in milk and eggs (the reason french toast was invented), but croissants, really? What’s more beautiful than silky thin layers of dough blanketed in soft butter and baked to golden, flaky softness?

And why let the French claim ownership of it when the Austrians do such a brilliant job of it? They manage to prove the Austrian heritage of croissants in a different continent through refrigerated dough. Imagine having one straight from a bakery in Vienna. Wewalka is an Austrian brand of pre-made dough that has quality products in some of the most useful packaging. Here is why we all unanimously loved it:

  • The dough is rolled into a baking sheet, so you don’t have to worry about greasing your pan or having baking paper on hand.pre made croissant dough wewalka
  • The dough is clearly marked, so all you have to do is lightly tear or cut along the marks with a knife, add an optional filling and roll.pre made croissant dough wewalka
  • Baking instructions are clearly given on the packaging, and they work well as guidelines (but every oven is slightly different, so it’s good to keep an eye on it).

The result? Beautiful, flaky, freshly baked Viennese croissants that the French only wish they had invented.

Wewalka products are retailed at Carrefour for sure. They have also been spotted and so should available at Spinneys/Waitrose as well.

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