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Ranch dressing is the mayo of our generation, and has definitely replaced it as the creamy calorific dressing of choice in the Nomsville household. This is why we have been on a quest to find the best store bought Ranch dressing in the UAE. We’ve tried (what we believe is) everything available on the shelves, and here’s the verdict:

Kraft Ranch Dressing

kraft ranch dressingKraft is a household name is dressings and salad sauces, but on this occasion it doesn’t quite hit the mark. The dressing looks and tastes very synthetic and has a gloopy consistency. That said, if you really need some Ranch, it’s not the worst option. It’s a bit like cheap ketchup. You need ketchup and it’s there, but it doesn’t do your meal any favors.

Where to buy: Imported goods section of major supermarkets, Sauces & dressings aisle at Spinneys.

Calorie count: About 67.5 calories per tbsp.


Kraft Fat Free Ranchers Choice Dressing

kraft fat free ranchersThe best thing about this fat free offering from Kraft is that it is quite hard to find in the UAE. This means that you will probably not buy this naively, dreaming of a world where ranch dressing and (kinda) healthy eating are not mutually exclusive. While their full fat version is bearable, this is an abomination. It is runny, has a distinct weird smell (too many chemical ingredients would be my guess) and it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste within a few bites.

Where to buy: Spinneys & some branches of Choithrams (frequently not in stock).

Calorie count: About 25 calories per tbsp.


American Garden U.S. Ranch

american garden ranch

This is the most widely available ranch dressing in the country, thanks to American Garden’s domination of the UAE market. And while it’s not perfectly creamy (a bit on the thicker side), and tastes generic, it isn’t a bad option. To get a better consistency & taste you can mix in a little yogurt or buttermilk, and you will have a much better (and slightly healthier) dressing on your hands.

Where to buy: In most groceries & supermarkets across the country

Calorie count: 70 calories per tbsp.


Ken’s Steakhouse Ranch Dressing

kens ranch dressingThis sauce makes me so happy. I am happy for it’s existence on the shelves, I am happy because I don’t need to go to an American diner every time I want the creamy buttermilky goodness of well made ranch. And I am happy to let you know that if you’re a lazy cook like me and will never make homemade ranch, this will be your savior. It has that just right creamy consistency and it’s tangy without being overpoweringly so.

Where to buy: You’ll need to go to a major store; Carrefour, Lulu & Spinneys usually have it.

Calorie count: 70 calories per tbsp.


Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Ranch

kens steakhouse lite light ranch

Similar in taste to the regular version, the Lite ranch does not compromise on flavor. Where it does compromise though, is the texture. A slightly runnier version of the full-fat ranch, it is nonetheless your best option if you are a ranch addict and do not want to gain serious weight.

Where to buy: Major hypermarkets, same as above.

Calorie count: 40 calories per tbsp.


What do you think? Which is your favorite ranch dressing? Or do you have a must-try homemade recipe that a store bought ranch will never replace? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Taste Test: Store Bought Ranch Dressing

  • Mitzie Mee

    So true, life is too short for making your own ranch dressing:) I’ve tried the American garden one, but I found it too heavy and mayo-ish. Great tip with the buttermilk/yogurt, I’ll definitely try that (and then use it as a dip for my carrot/cucumber sticks)..or I’ll try the Ken-one:)

    • nomsville Post author

      You’re right, especially when there’s so much else to be made, you don’t really want to make ranch at home..
      Do let us know what you think of the yogurt-modified version, it definitely helps us feel less guilty about all the ranch we end up having 😛