Signor Sassi

A famous Italian fine dining concept from the UK, rumor has it that Signor Sassi was apparently brought here by a Kuwaiti who enjoyed the food so much in London, he decided to ship the concept right here to Kuwait. It has a gorgeous location on Gulf Road overlooking the sea and a short drive away from Kuwait Towers. Being on the Gulf Road strip, there is ample parking. The interiors are classy, ideal for date nights and intimate family dinners.

Service is quiet and effective, as you would expect from a fine dining establishment. The menu is filled with classic Italian favorites. Between the two of us, we ordered a Caeser Chicken Pizza and a Chicken Roulade with Alfredo Pasta. The pizza was faultless, with all the familiar flavors of a good caeser salad on top of a light, crispy pizza base.

signor sassi pizza

The pasta had great, fresh ingredients, but was a little underseasoned. A dash of salt and pepper fixed that, and it was a good plate of food. Not great, but enjoyable nonetheless.

signor sassi kuwait pasta alfredo chicken

Overall, it was a good experience. The menu has ample options, the portions are generous, and the price isn’t too high for fine dining. Go here if you are looking for simple, classic Italian fare done right.

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