Easy Sweet & Savory Pastry Rosettes

sweet savory apple pie pepperoni rosetteHave you ever had that AHA moment when you’re browsing through Pinterest or Youtube, and you see a tutorial for something that looks so impressive, but is surprisingly ridiculously easy? And then you run to the kitchen and try it out and it actually looks good! And then you make it for dinner parties for all of your different groups of friends and family, and just nod humbly when everyone praises your culinary prowess 😉

We recently found just such a thing when we received a basket full of European bi-colored apples that were delicious, but way more than we knew what to do with (and too pretty to eat raw). So we turned to Google for some apple pie inspiration. And we found this adorable little tutorial that was so easy to customize (which is an absolute must in a picky family) and looked amazing! We made Cinnamon Apple & Fig Jam Rosettes and couldn’t even believe how perfect they turned out to be. We used Fig jam instead of the apricot preserve used in the tutorial (shown below).apple pie rosettes roseapple pie rosettes

In our cinnamony apple high, we decided to give it a shot with savory Pepperoni & Cheese Rosettes. And they looked and tasted EVEN BETTER. We used tomato sauce in place of the apricot preserve, and sprinkled cheese on top of the pepperoni slices before rolling. Once baked, we sprinkled it with dried mixed herbs.pepperoni rosette pie

Here’s the video tutorial we used:

Not all Pinteresty, Youtubey things always turn out as easy and pretty as they look. But these, we can vouch for their ability to impress even the most picky eaters. Any fruit or savory meat that can be cut up into semi-circles can be used (fruits like pears and mortadella meat for savory rosettes). Long pastry sheets are best used for this, but square sheets can be cut in half and stuck together before rolling them thinner.

Do you have any Pinterest pretty success stories to share? Would you try these? Do share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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