Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Royale: The Cake Mix You NEED In Your Life

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There is a boxed cake mix out there, that isn’t like any other cake mix. It is a revelation of the scrape-all-the-batter-from-every-utensil kind. And it had been sitting there unassumingly in our pantry for about a month, while we went about our lives as if this little miracle was not a part of our lives.

It might sound a bit exaggerated, but ever since we made this cake for the first time 3 days ago, we can’t stop thinking about it. And it’s not just us, it has been made on request twice already. It is so incredibly versatile, and delicious as a base for gorgeous styling that is only limited by your creativity. We made one for a birthday, a farewell, and once because our taste buds demanded that cake. And the best part is, all we had to do ourselves was to add a super easy homemade icing (there is one provided but we used that to decorate instead).

The mix we are talking about is a relatively new addition to Betty Crocker’s famous betty crocker triple chocolate nomsvillerange of reliably high quality cake mixes. It is one of three new mixes introduced as part of their ‘Delights’ range, and only available in this region, because even Betty Crocker knows that people in the Gulf are serious foodies, and a regular cake mix just won’t do. The Triple Chocolate Royale retails at AED 20, and we have found it in most large hypermarkets (we usually buy it from Carrefour).

So what are the three chocolate elements in this mix? Well, you’ve got the standard sponge cake mix included, which you bake as you normally would. We beat the eggs, oil and water first, and then gradually add the cake mix while beating. For baking, we use a regular 9 inch springform baking pan.

The second element is a powdered chocolate mix, that is to be cooked with 90ml water on the stove (as instructed on the box). Now, when you do this, you will get a thin, runny chocolate liquid. Initially, we thought we had messed up because it was so runny, but this is the consistency it is supposed to be, so if you do get that, you’re on the right track. It is thin so that the cake can absorb the liquid easily, resulting in a moist & perfectly gooey cake.

At this point, you have two choices. You can either slice the cake from the middle for a double layered cake, or leave it as is. We tried both ways, and it’s really up to personal preference because both taste great. The double layer does look prettier though with the icing through the middle.

Once the sponge is baked and cooled for 10 minutes, drizzle the chocolate sauce all over the cake evenly and let it absorb.

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The third element included in the mix is the chocolate fudge icing. You can either use this only as your cake icing, and you will not need anything else. Your cake will look something like the one on the box, and because the fudge icing tastes good, the overall cake would be good too.

However, we chose to add a light homemade icing, because the first time we made it we had a kitkat cake in mind and we needed to ice the entire cake so that the kitkats would stick. But the icing itself was so brilliant, that every time we made the cake after, we made this icing, and we highly recommend you do the same for the amazing flavor and color it adds. The recipe is as follows:

Whipped Nutella Icing – Make whipped cream using two sachets of powdered whipped topping (we use Dream Whip or Foster Clarks). Add 3-4 tbsp of nutella and whisk until combined. Refrigerate for half an hour before using.

whipped nutella icing

Once the cake has absorbed the chocolate syrup, cover the entire cake with the whipped nutella icing (as well as icing through the middle if you’re making a double layer cake). For a smoother icing, cover it once with a thin layer and refrigerate for 20 mins before icing again. Decorate as per your preference, and refrigerate for half an hour to let the decoration set (unless you’re serving it immediately, in which case you don’t need to).

whipped icing cake

Below are some of our decorating attemps…

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┬áThis cake was made for a friend’s farewell, and along with the usual goodbyes and tears, this time we were inundated with recipe requests! We used the chocolate fudge from the mix for the writing and design, and sprinkled crushed toasted hazelnuts around the edges.

kitkat cake nomsville

This cake was for our little foodie’s birthday. It was our first attempt, and she couldn’t believe it was homemade. Along with the kitkats, we topped the cake with shredded chocolate & a truffle in the centre, with chocolate fudge used for writing.

maltesers cake nomsville

This cake was our third one in three days because we just couldn’t stop craving it. Again topped with crushed hazelnuts, with Maltesers as the centrepiece.

Usually when we use cake mixes, we get a decent cake, but this one really wowed us. And we cannot recommend it enough. If you do try it, leave us a comment so we can gush over it together.


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